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Lansan is a 100% resin tile made with hundreds of fiber-optic light guides,LANSAN( unique resin offers various interlayers elements p a t t e r n s , T e x t u r e s or  
c o l o r s a n d finishes to bring you the absolute visual impact. interlayers elements include natural, metal, textile materials.
Lansan is an ecological PETG resin panel.
Eco-friendly: Certified LEED credits( fully recycled(? nontoxic(allowing for food contact ( FDA standard) .
Lightweight: Half the density of glass( which makes easier installation and lightsome flexible design possible .
Safety: Excellent fire rating to B1,toxic gas and gutter shall not be produced by combustion.
Stable in chemical properties: Good resistance to chemical attack(non browning and anti-aging with UV stabilizer Stable in physical.
properties: High gloss and transparency (93%)( HDT(Heat DeflectionTemperature) can be up to 85 degree .
Excellent impact strength: 40 times of glass( 10 times of PMMA (acrylic)
Mechanically forming: Post-formable into virtually any shape or size
without blushing and cracking.
High surface hardness: anti-scratch,surface can be renewable.


Thickness: 3mm,4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm
Color color available depends on the Min QTY
Facing finish: Glossy or Satin
Size: 1200x2400mm & 1200x3000mm

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